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Who’s VMS ?

Vast Materials & Solutions Inc., VMS, was founded in October-2015’. Although VMS is a start-up company, her R&D team had dedicated to the revolutionary material science technologies, applications and solutions for 10 years.

VMS owns three revolutionary material science technologies and all of them are mature for mass production. Those mature material science technologies are heat dissipation material science technology, green hydrogen generation material science technology and liquid nitrogen generation material science technology.

As the comprehensive consideration, VMS venture does concentrate on the heat dissipation materials/solutions development and commerce. VMS positions herself as a heat dissipation materials and thermal solutions provider. VMS’s heat dissipation material has excellent properties in both thermal conductibility and thermal dissipation. It is not only a good thermal conduction material but also an excellent heat dissipation material. VMS will be able to greatly enhance product’s performance in various industries by her outstanding thermal solutions. It’s also able to greatly contribute to the city environmental temperature reduction and decelerating the global warming.




















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