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VMS Core Values

VMS claims revolutionary material science technologies, therefore we firmly believe that innovation is the root of VMS’s technology development, and is the wellspring of VMS’s growth.

VMS is committed to the revolutionary technologies/solutions research and development.
VMS is committed to the welfare of customers, employees, shareholders and society.


VMS Business Philosophy

We always tell the truth, no cheat
We do not tolerate and politicking in technology, quality and business
We do not make commitments lightly and we devote ourselves completely to meet the commitments, once we commit it

Material science industry and business has no national boundaries. We do not limit ourselves to Taiwan. We position ourselves as a global company and our business aiming at worldwide markets.

Long-term vision and strategies
We do believe that only we doing good in long term planning and execution then the venture just can be sustainable development

Treating customers as partners
We make strict demands on ourselves to execute this policy

Being a good corporate citizen
We satisfy both employees and shareholders. Our goal is to provide salary and benefit packages for employees that are above the industry average. We also target earning R.O.I. for shareholders above the industry average




































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